Our 7 Tours

Welcome to Skopje! Welcome to the Old Town – our bazaar!
Surrounded by seven mountains for more than 7 thousand years our capital has been a crossroad of civilizations, culture and art in this part of Europe. It is not accidental that the number of tours we prepared for you is seven.

Skopje Bazaar is proclaimed by law a cultural heritage of special importance for our country. This application can help you experience seven different tours in the Bazaar, or the Old Town and visit over 50 different locations of your interest. For our application, we have chosen the color of Macedonian ruby, story of which will be narrated in our tours.

We promise unforgettable experience that you can share through our application and social media because the people of your country and the world deserve to hear about Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

Choose your tour, relax, enjoy and find your hidden precious stone in the heart of Skopje.